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Fourth Wall Theatre Play Notes' Journal
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Monday, October 15th, 2007
8:42 am
OOC Notes: New players!
Please welcome boobs_of_peace (Rushuna Tendo, from Grenadier, the Senshi of Smiles) and sv_lane (Lois Lane, from Smallville) to the comms! Welcome, ladies! Jump right in to today's post, or make posts of your own!
Sunday, October 14th, 2007
7:40 pm
Sunday, September 30th, 2007
10:42 pm
Critic's corner
Question, comments, criticism, and chocolate for the week of 9/30/07: go here!

And we're still open for more Players, if anyone wants to wander in. Just go to this post to audition for the game!
10:15 pm
Geoffrey's Notes for the week of 9/23/07 to 9/30/07

Auditions started at the Theatre.

Teyla Emmagan arrived and auditioned. And unlike many people, was not terrible.


The ongoing torture of Geoffrey continued, and he offered Coreen a part in the play.


Still more auditions. As Geoffrey continues to beat his head in.

John Sheppard arrived, auditioned, and was ruthlessly recruited to be Romeo.

Geoffrey offers Lana a chance to be Juliet. Kind of.

John and Lana become acquainted. So do John and Coreen.

Nathan Petrelli demands a recount. Or an explanation.

He meets Lana, who didn't vote for him. Being from Kansas and all.

Nathan rocked the audition, and Roy Cohn.


Coreen took a stab at explaining things to the cast and new arrivals.

Coreen and Lana, er, chatted?

John showed up late, and er, chatted with Lana. Or Coreen?


Technical assessment of theater. With more stupid angel statues. And Coreen trying to deal with them.



Romeo: John Sheppard
(understudy: Nathan Petrelli)
Juliet: Teyla Emmagan, Lana Lang, Coreen Fennel
(understudies: same)
Nurse: Teyla Emmagan, Lana Lang, Coreen Fennel
(understudies: same)
Lady Capulet: Teyla Emmagan, Lana Lang, Coreen Fennel
(understudies: same)
Mercutio: ... That guy with the fluffy hair from the barbershop
(understudy: Tor. God help us.)
Tybalt: Nathan Petrelli
(understudy: John Sheppard)
Friar Lawrence: Tor. (at least, in the absence of a large puppet)....

[The parts of Benvolio, Lord Montague, Lord Capulet, Balthasar, Prince Escalus, Gregory, Abram and Count Paris are to be assigned based on whichever one of our local aspiring actors shows up most often. God help me. - G.T.]


We have rehearsals every day, but actors are not required to be present for all of them. Please arrive in the mornings, and we'll attempt to work around the 'day jobs' of our supporting cast.

Thank you!

- The Director

~~~~~Out of Character Notes:Collapse )
Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
8:52 pm
OOC Critic's Corner - 9/22/07
Okay, here's the critic's post; members of the Audience are free to discuss or comment on this week's action here. Keep it clean, keep it kind, keep it coherent.

Any suggestions for this week?
8:18 pm
Director's Notes (9/23/07) - First Week, pre-production
Geoffrey's Notes of Events inside and around the Theatre this week:

Arrived. Shanghai'd into directing *Romeo & Juliet*. Panicked.

Got a drink at the Quick and the Dead. Met Tor the bartender. Saw something very disturbing.

Met Coreen Fennel on the way back. Went to get burgers.

Coreen went looking for a phone, she said later.

Examined office. Was discouraged. Talked to Coreen about exit strategies.

Found world's creepiest Timex exhibit.

Hired Coreen to think about things I don't want to think about.

Coreen planned to visit the gypsy camp. Hunh.

More prep work. Lana Lang Luthor arrived. May hire as costumer?

Further planning and talking with Coreen, walking in the theater square.

Missed Ellen like hell.


[ooc: links to personal journals may be dropped at this post by the characters.]
8:05 pm
We have new members to the communities! Welcome them, and put them on your characters' friends lists, (and the f-list of Audience members):

gothgirlfriday Coreen Fennel, Blood Ties
dear_sweet_lana Lana Lang Luthor, Smallville
notaherosrsly Nathan Petrelli, Heroes
call_me_shep John Sheppard, Stargate Atlantis
lady_emmagan Teyla Emmagan, Stargate Atlantis

All of these members can post in any of the three connected comms at will.

Keep spreading the word! We've got plans and plots, and places for still more people in Romeo & Juliet.

- The Director
Monday, September 17th, 2007
8:52 am
Auditions now open!
Tell all your friends!

Auditions/applications for Fourth Wall Theatre are open indefinitely, or until we get enough players to put on Romeo & Juliet.

The first Bulletin Board and Play Notes will go up on Sunday, September 23.
Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
1:10 pm
4th Wall Theatre: Audience, fans, Weekly OOC notes, and more
Welcome to the Audience!

This is the community you want to join if you are not able to participate in 4th Wall Theatre as Cast or Crew (weekly/daily interactions) but would like to be able to attend the performances in November, and interact during the play. Simply submit hit "join" and we'll approve you!

That said, while there is no application process for the Audience, there are some guidelines (see below) for participation.

Weekly OOC Director's Notes

Every week during rehearsals, Geoffrey's Notes for the play will be posted here on Sunday nights. This will be a list of links to the activities in the theatre during the previous week. A comment thread for further links will be posted for Outside the Playhouse, and players will be welcome to comment and drop links in that thread.

The Week's Events will also go up on Sunday night, stating the theme/goals of rehearsals and crew interaction that week, as well as the countdown of Days Until Performance.

A Critic's Commentary Post will be posted on Monday nights, for Audience members reading along to comment, Out of Character, on the ongoing rehearsals. Positive comments only, please; you may dislike a character, or how they're being portrayed, but a public comm is not the place for negative feedback on an ongoing RPG. Take it private, if you must.

As an Audience Member, you are not a member of the 4th Wall Theatre community, and can not comment on rehearsals except in the Critic's Commentary post here. You can, however, start 4th Wall -related posts in this comm, if you wish to discuss recent events, Shakespeare, the play being performed, or events within the City.

Abuse of other members of the comm, 4th Wall performers, Shakespeare or the participants will lead to the offending member being warned once, and banned on the second offense. This includes the aforementioned negative feedback or gross obscenity.

An AOL chatroom for 4thwall will be established for interaction during rehearsal weeks. Notes will be posted in this comm for scheduled chats which will allow Audience interaction.

Plot suggestions (serious, detailed, thought-out concepts) can be submitted to the Director for consideration. Speculation on plot ideas is fine in this comm, but keep in mind that just because you thought of it here, doesn't mean we didn't think of it first. Credit for ideas only applies to those e-mailed to the mods.
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